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From our base in Central London in Waterloo, Andy Roberts heads up our Business Psychology work.  We run wellbeing days, Positive Psychology workshops, Emotional Intelligence workshops, one to one coaching and meditation for business people courses.  For more information go to the contact us section and us an email.  Or sign up here for regular Breathe Positive Psychology Newsletters. 

Meditation coaching for people at work
Harnessing the important information that stress provides is vital to your personal and professional development.  You can learn to manage your stress but you also need to understand your triggers. Meditation training allows you to observe your thoughts and emotions with greater clarity Using meditation to manage stress 

Emotional Intelligence Coaching in the workplace
Emotional intelligence at work is the key to effective communication. Your ability to recognise, use, understand and manage emotions influences the way you think and has a big impact on your ability to do your job. 
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Strengths Coaching
As in sport, people at work perform to their best when they play to their strengths. Strengths coaching helps identify, share and celebrate individual and group strengths. It effectively directs resources to capabilities and drives change throughout the organization.
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Trainer Directory and Testimonials
To meet our trainers, follow this link. Click here to read testimonials from past and current clients. If you need a quiet space in the heart of London for coaching sessions or business meetings, click here

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