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Treatments at our centre or sports injury advice

Sports massage has much in common with deep tissue massage. Both approaches to massage involve the manipulation of skin, fascia and muscle through stretching and movement, as well as the strategic application of pressure. Sports massage is aimed at people who vigorously train.

Befitting its name, sports massage is often used to help athletes to recover from sports injuries, prevent new injuries from occurring and optimise their performance. By drawing upon their medical knowledge, sports therapists can very effectively apply remedies for common injuries.

Our therapists

Andrew Terry's career in healthcare started in 2008, when he trained in sports massage therapy with Premier Training. He has refined his massage skill by studying at the British School of Osteopathy.

To learn more about Andrew and contact him through his website, click here.

Stan Rechcigl worked for various sports clubs, including the premiership rugby clubs London Wasps and Saracens Rugby Club, before joining Breathe London as a massage therapist.

For further details about Stan, go to his biography on the Breathe site.

Zsolt's interest in massage therapy can be traced back to his muscular pain resulting from his performances as a jazz pianist.

Jana has trained in advanced massage techniques and aims to help her clients to heal more quickly from pain and injuries. She tailors her treatments to her clients' specific needs.

To find out more about Zsolt, Jana and sports massage, click here.

How to find us

It's easy to start benefitting from sports massage in Covent Garden, as our practice in the West End district shares a building with Jubilee Hall Gym, which you can find at this address:

Jubilee Hall Gym
30 The Piazza
Covent Garden

Locating the building does not have to pose a major challenge, as it is close to various notable attractions – including the Royal Opera House, Lyceum Theatre and London Transport Museum.

How to book

There are various means of booking an appointment at Breathe London. You can call 07434 618 742, which will take you through to our central booking system. We also maintain pages on Facebook and Twitter, through which you can request a slot.

Stan offers sports massage at our Covent Garden centre on Wednesdays from 10am to 9pm, while Andrew offers sports massage and osteopathy at the centre on Mondays from 2pm to 9pm.

If you are interested in using services from a particular sports massage therapist at Breathe London and want to learn more about their availability, you can directly contact them through our site.

If you would like to immediately book an appointment with a specific therapist, you can call their telephone number posted on our site. You can also email them if you simply want more information.


The price that would be payable depends on the treatment and therapist you choose. For example, for an hour-long session of sports massage, Stan charges £70 and Andrew charges £80.

Sports massage is also available 7 days a week at Waterloo

In addition to sports massage at Covent Garden, we offer this service seven days a week at our other wellbeing centre in Waterloo, where our sports massage therapists Claudia, Luis, Stan, Ivaylo and Sasho are available. For more information and to book with them, see our sports massage page.