Weight loss clinic

What is our weight loss clinic?

Our weight loss clinic offers a range of comprehensive weight loss programmes that are designed to promote a healthy and sustainable weight loss. The programmes are unique and highly personalised and they are formulated to suit your food preferences and lifestyle. They offer healthy approach toward weight loss. As a result our clients are able to lose weight gradually and steadily and to maintain it once they complete the programme.

What does weight loss clinic help with?

Our weight loss programmes are ideal for those who want a long term solution for their weight management. Instead of strict dieting, which is recognised as a short-term solution for weight management, we encourage our clients to follow the principles of tailored and balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and personalised exercise programme.

As a result they will be able to lose weight, optimise their energy and improve overall wellbeing.

We monitor our clients’ progress on the Tanita Body Composition Analyser by measuring their weight, muscle gain, basal metabolism rate, fat loss and hydration level and we adjust their diet and exercise programmes  accordingly.

We currently offer the following programmes

1, Optimise your Weight and Health – One 2 One Weight Loss Programme

The programme includes the following                £250.00

Initial face to face consultation ( diet and lifestyle assessment, goals settings, body composition assessment with Tanita analyser)

  • Highly personalised diet and lifestyle plan
  • Customised supplement programme if appropriate
  • Four follow up consultations ( progress monitoring, body composition assessment, adjustments to your diet plan)
  • Food diary analysis
  • Support material ( recipes)
  • Weekly e-mail and telephone support between the consultations

2. Optimise your weight and energy level        £300,00

This programme combines the main principles of healthy eating and exercise

  • Initial consultation with nutritional therapist (diet and lifestyle assessment, goal setting, body composition assessment)
  • Four follow up consultations ( progress monitoring, adjustments to your diet plan) with nutritional therapist
  • Five tailored sessions – exercise with personal trainer
  • Personalised diet plan and supplement programme
  • Support material ( recipes, food dairy, handouts)
  • Five body composition assessment with Tanita body composition analyser

Who is accredited to do the weigh loss programme?

The programmes are designed and monitored by our highly qualified,  experienced and registered nutritional therapist Simona Novakovic who works in collaboration with experienced personal trainers.

How to book your programme

Please call Simona on 07958323596 for an initial FREE 15 min telephone consultation to find out which programme is the best for you. To find out more about the programmes please send an email to simona@novanutridiet.co.uk

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Simona Novakovic - Nutritional therapy

Simona Novakovic - Nutritional Therapy 

Simona is available on an adhoc basis at Breathe. Find out ore about body analysis and nutrition coaching today.She is also availble online for consultations.

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