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Adrian Michael Lee M.OST ND DO Osteopathy,

Acupuncture, Cupping Osteopath - Naturopathic Doctor - Personal Trainer Mentor & Assessor.

Adrian is a patient-centred Osteopath providing care to patients with multiple issues ranging from back and posture problems, muscle strain, arthritis pain and minor sports injuries. His amazing reviews and experience in the field speaks for itself and he has twice appeared in fitness magazine, "Fitness Model" as a specialist in his field. 

Osteopathy is a well-rounded and flexible treatment suitable for a wide range of ages - and Adrian treats both young and old patients in London. Osteopathy is a system that can not only help treat ailments, but can help in assessing and diagnosing issues too. 

Adrian says: 

“Through extensive knowledge and experience, I look at physical, nutritional and psychological approaches to improve your health. It’s important to remember, that until we successfully treat the root cause, we leave it to chance for recurrence of symptoms, so finding and addressing the root cause is very important” 

Adrian will begin treatment with an in-depth consultation, after which he goes about creating a tailor made step-by-step plan to improve the symptoms you’re experiencing. This may be to improve mobility, build body strength, or a combination of both (using a combination of in-person or out of treatment support). Treatment may also be used in conjunction with Acupuncture or Cupping dependent on the diagnosis, to help relax the muscles and improve recovery. 

Using his knowledge being a Mentor for Personal Trainers, Adrian may at times move your session or recovery journey onto the gym floor to progress beyond pain. This change of technique and environment can help speed up progress and results. 

Adrian says:

“The pain you are experiencing is quite often specific to you alone. Either individually or in combination, your current suffering can be attributed may be due to one or more of the following: Incorrect body alignment, physical trauma, walking abnormalities, poor nutrition, bad posture, repetitive strain or psychological health. I help you alleviate pain and build strength and stamina with a natural, holistic approach”

Adrian’s approach to treatment is outlined below: 

DIAGNOSE the underlying problem (and not just the symptoms)

DEVELOP an achievable programme to full recovery, 

DELIVER you achievable results. 

If you’d like to book an appointment with Adrian or learn more about Osteopathy and how it could help you, please feel free to get in touch. You can see Adrian’s availability below.

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