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Loan Tran - Rolfing®  Therapy

Loan has been a Rolfing®  therapist for almost twenty years.  Her attention to detail is exceptional and because of her heightened awareness of the body and movement she is able to give powerful advice to her clients.  The lightest touch combined with her clarity and simplicity of instruction enables her clients to bring heightened awareness to the part of the body experiencing blockages.  We have the power to heal ourselves of many of our ailments and Loan's gentle guiding hand and instruction is a great enabler of change.  After her sessions you feel light and feel there is space to breathe and move freely.

Loan graduated from Sussex University with a degree in English Literature.  She has worked in business, acted professionally, and was co-founder of a complementary health centre in Paris where she lived for 11 years.  Loan qualified as a Certified Rolfer over 20 years ago and as a Rolfing Movement Practitioner in 1998.  She came to Rolfing for a knee injury from Aikido and experienced first-hand the method as a mind-body approach: she found the physical restructuring enabled her to integrate and make her own psychological connections. 

Loan works in a sensitive and intuitive way and is inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh's mindfulness teachings and the aliveness that creativity and the arts can evoke. She uses a mindfulness approach in the way she encourages clients to sense their bodies and movement with kindness and patience.  She is currently training in Hakomi, a body-centred psychotherapy, with the Applied Mindfulness Collaborative and is particularly interested in working with clients who are open to experiencing Rolfing as a personal development process touching them spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Loan works at the centre on Saturdays. 

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"Energy flows where attention goes" MAKIA - One of the seven kahuna philosophy principals