Zsolt – massage therapist

Zsolt - massage therapist 

Zsolt is a vastly experienced therapists with many years of practice behind him.  He first developed an interest in massage therapy through his own experiences of muscular pain from his now part time involvement as a Jazz Pianist. He gained his Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology in Body Massage in 2004. He is dedicated to his profession as a Massage therapist and gained a number of Diplomas and Certificates throughout his career in various types of Massage therapy, he is a member of (IPTI) Independent Professional Therapists International. He has over 12 years practicing experience in the field of Massage Therapy. Zsolt has a warm engaging personality. He also has a keen interest in working with UK charities and offers Shiatsu Chair massage services where applicable. In his spare time he enjoys Music, Art, and recently started organising weekend Retreats to his native country Hungary Budapest exploring the famous Turkish Baths in Budapest dating back to 1550.

His therapies

His massage techniques are tailored to suit your specific needs, whether you are looking to release shoulder tension, improve flexibility, or just wishing to relax and enjoy a time to yourself away from your daily commitments. He is passionate about helping people to live a pain free and healthy life regardless of their age or physical conditions. His massage is aimed to helping you attain your goal, bringing harmony between the body, mind and spirit with a holistic approach. His expertise includes specialist skills of effectively treating muscular tension incorporating Deep Tissue Massage techniques, Zsolt also offers specialised Massage treatments to combat stress related tension and relaxation massage to induce a deeper sleeping experience after a long day at work or following a long journey.


“I left feeling like I'd had a proper therapeutic experience. I'll definitely be back to try Zsolt's new range of autumn massages, or perhaps I'll catch him in his other guise as a jazz pianist” Susie Srivastava- West London Living

“Zsolt proved his worth in my eyes when within two minutes he had already zeroed in on my right shoulder which is where I carry my ridiculously large handbag and consequently, have a whole bundle of knots and pain. The process felt very much worth it, as I left feeling thoroughly de-stressed the massage was one of the best I have had.” Alice –Running in Heels Magazine

“The massage was Magic!! Thanks to the wonderful hands of Zsolt, a wonderful Chap who can really work out any kinks you may have.” Conrad-Trip Advisor

To book Zsolt  call or text 0793 999 1347 

Zsolt is at the Covent Garden centre on Thursdays and Fridays