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Hypnosis and Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Waterloo, Southbank and London Bridge

David Lewis UKCP Reg. MNCH Accred. Reg.MBACP

David Lewis has been running the Breathe Hypnotherapy Service since 2013. As well as being an accredited hypnotherapist, David is also a registered psychotherapist and counsellor. He draws upon his experience of CBT, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy to deliver a scientific and modern “cognitive hypnotherapy” to help individuals resolve a range of issues and problems of a psychological and emotional nature. These include addictions, weight, anxiety and depression. A hypnotic state is neither magical nor anything to be mystified about. Humans put themselves into altered states all the time (daydreaming, reverie, and forgetting are examples of these). In a hypnotherapy session at Breathe, David uses his therapeutic skills to guide you into an altered state so that helpful suggestions can be weaved in order to help you overcome your problem. David is accredited by the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). He is also a registered provider of Psychotherapy for BUPA. If you have any questions or queries about Hypnotherapy or CBT and Psychotherapy at Breathe please do be in touch with David directly:

Mobile: 07545871504

Areas David works with



weight loss

gastric band hypnotherapy

quit smoking

quit vaping


alcohol abuse

sexual issues


eating disorders


drug abuse

fear of flying

food addiction

pain management


low self-confidence

sleep disorders

panic attacks

relationship issues

Standard Fee For Hypnotherapy

£85 per 50 minute appointment (£50 student concession)

Standard Fee for CBT, Psychotherapy or Counselling with David

£75 per 50 minute appointment (£45 student concession)

Breathe Hypnotherapy Department Programmes and Packages:

slim change hypnotherapy programme

5 sessions of hypnotherapy for weight management: £375

gastric band hypnotherapy

half-day hypnosurgery: £595

anxiety m.o.t.

5 sessions of anxiety reduction and stress management: £375

breathe quit smoking / quit vaping

1 stop 90 minute smoking cessation session: £90

psychotherapy / cbt

traditional psychotherapy and cbt (without any hypnotherapy): £75/SESSION

personal transformation days

tailor-made 360 degree change programme in one day: Full Day £600

flying phobia breakthrough programme

Full Day £600 + Cost of rtn flights and APD taxes for 2 persons

phobia breakthrough day

Full Day from £600

Half Day from £450