Deep tissue massage

What is Deep Tissue massage?

The clue is in the name! Strong pressure manipulates the deeper tissue layers in the body. These are the tissue layers that lay on top of the muscle, though not the muscle itself, whereas Sports massage includes the muscle.

People come for a deep tissue massage for many different reasons, including:

  • aid recovery from injury
  • general wellbeing 
  • aid recovery from sports and workouts
  • reduce stress
  • increase energy and vitality
  • general aches and pains - lower back pain, tension headaches etc 
  • improve flexibility and mobility
  • improve sports performance

Choosing a Deep Tissue Therapist

The most important thing to consider when choosing a therapist is the length of time they have practised for and that they have the following qualities:

  • Good listening skills
  • Empathy
  • Flexibility - not ridged in their approach
  • A broad mix of massage techniques to draw upon

Strong massage or relaxing?

Many Deep tissue therapists learn a wide range of styles and techniques and blend these into their unique treatment. They can alter their approach depending upon the client. Some bodies respond to firm pressure at times. Some people prefer a blended approach, whilst other people recover and heal from the lightest of touch.

A light touch with knowledge and positive intention is often far more rewarding than a one size fits all strong approach. The body and mind need to be listened to. We hold tension for a range of reasons - not just because of how we sit at work, train at the gym or commute to work. The body is also a storage vessel of memories. A deep tissue massage helps us let go of stored tension.

A good therapist must be a kind, caring and compassionate person who can switch styles and tune in to the person's needs.

We are blessed at Breathe London with the skill, expertise and compassion of our team.

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Claire Cecil – Lymphatic drainage and Massage therapist

Massage and lymphatic drainage

Cheryl – Sports and clinical massage

Sports and clinical massage therapist

Cheryl has been involved in massage therapy for two decades now and continues to have a passion for her work and helping those who want to take a natural approach to pain relief and wellbeing.

Natalie Heng – Waterloo clinic

Clinical and sports massage in Waterloo

Natalie Heng is an Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Therapist offering targeted and effective treatments designed to calm the nervous system and address chronic pain issues. Every treatment is relaxing, restorative and tailored to your specific needs.

Andrea Lovasi Massage Therapist

Holistic, sports and deep tissue massage

Andrea offers massage services that provide the care and attention your body requires to heal and restore itself.  She specialises in pain relief, addresses any aches, pains or stiffness and helping you restore mobility and flexibility to problem areas. 

Stan Rechcigl Sports Massage

Stan - Sports & Deep Tissue Massage, Relaxing Swedish Massage Kynesio taping