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Sports injury and deep tissue massage

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You can contact the therapists directly by clicking on their bios (you can contact them by phone or by online booking via the contact form) 

Our therapists

Stan Rechcigl has spent the last eight years practising in massage therapy at Breathe London, of which he is also one of the owners. He also practices kinesio taping for injury rehabilitation.

Jana became a qualified holistic massage therapist before proceeding to train in deep tissue massage. She can provide advanced deep tissue massage at your home or office.

Zsolt has been a practising massage therapist for over 12 years. He has practiced for more than 12 years in massage therapy and tailors his massage techniques to suit particular needs.

To find out more about any of these therapists and to contact them directly, click the links above to reach their biography pages on the Breathe London website.

What we offer

At our massage clinic in the Covent Garden area of London, we run sessions delivering a wide range of massage treatments. These treatments include deep tissue massage, where we apply pressure to manipulate your body's deeper tissue layers – hence the name ‘deep tissue massage’.

The body's deeper tissue layers are often considered to be those laying on the top of the muscle, but not the muscle itself. If you would like a treatment that affects the muscle, you can opt for sports massage, a procedure that we also administer through sessions here at Breathe London.

How to find us

You may already feel a soothing sensation coming over you as you enter our clinic for a deep tissue massage in Covent Garden. We work in the same building as Jubilee Hall Gym, although our operations are separate to those of the trust that owns the building. We are located at:

Jubilee Hall Gym
30 The Piazza
Covent Garden

The building is within walking distance of several notable attractions, such as the Royal Opera House and National Gallery. We are also right beside the London Transport Museum.  

How to book

There are many ways of booking a deep tissue massage at our central London sites. You can reach our central booking system by calling 07434 618742 or contact us through Facebook or Twitter.

Alternatively, you could click through to the profile of one of our deep tissue massage therapists on our website and follow the provided instructions for contacting them.

Stan is at our Covent Garden centre all day on Wednesday, while Dave is at the centre on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. In addition, Jana and Zsolt are available to book on an ad-hoc basis at other times.

All four of our deep tissue massage therapists have many years of experience in this field and weave together other areas of expertise into their treatments. For example, Dave also practices acupuncture.


We are proud that all of our deep tissue massage sessions are sensibly priced to deliver high value for money. Each of our massage therapists have their own pricing structure, while prices vary according to the therapies being offered.

However, as the length and number of your massage sessions will influence how much you pay, we recommend that you phone us on 07434 618742 to discuss pricing.