Energy healing

What is energy healing?

In Ayurveda philosophy there is a belief that there is a relationship between our thoughts, emotions and our interactions with others (and ourselves) and our healthiness at the cellular level. As we choose nurturing and positive thoughts and interactions we bathe our cells in nourishment. When we choose wellness this radiates internally and externally.

This intelligence directs cellular health.  In yoga this flow of energy and intelligence is Prana.  In Chinese medicine it is Chi. Disturbances in this flow of energy may be caused by stress, anxiety, time pressure, being away from nature, poor diet, poor sleep patterns or a myriad of other reasons. The disturbance in the flow of this vital life force can have a negative impact on our cellular health.

Energy therapists believe that with subtle adjustments they can encourage the body and mind to achieve a profound sense of relaxation.  In this relaxed state, energy flows and the cells naturally return to balance, harmony and health.  At the core of both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine is that when profound states of flow and relaxation are achieved, the cells naturally return to a state of good health.

Is there any real evidence for this?

Just a few years ago Elizabeth Blackburn won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the protective caps on chromosomes called, “telomeres.” When a cell divides, the protective caps are eroded, and with time, the telomeres shorten. As they shorten, cells start to malfunction and lose their ability to divide in a healthy way. Based on Blackburn’s research, scientists use the measure of telomere length as a metric for the aging process and susceptibility to disease risk.

Blackburn also discovered an enzyme called “telomerase,” which protects the chromosomal caps from the wear and tear of cellular division, or aging. Therefore, the more telomerase you have, the longer your telomeres will be; the less telomerase you have, the shorter your telomeres will be. The shorter your telomeres, the more exposed to aging, degeneration and disease you become.

In follow up studies by Blackburn a meditation group was seen to have up to a 30% increase in telomerase activity. Another study, conducted at UCLA, showed a 43% increase in telomerase activity.   

One of the effects of single pointed meditation is to calm thoughts so that our attention is brought back again and again to a point of focus such as the breath. When we do this one of the side benefits is a profound sense of relaxation.  Perhaps this place of nurturing and relaxation enables cells to return to the place of balance, harmony and healing.

Why do people seek out treatments?

  • To handle stress
  • To feel nurtured
  • To achieve profound states of relaxation
  • To feel in a safe place to allow their physical holding patterns to drop
  • To allow energy to flow smoothly and evenly around the body

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